Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Day 1


With only one day to prepare, my mind has been racing and I was experiencing the effects of an adrenaline rush all day. I even found it difficult to fall asleep.

My photography show hangs one week from today, so I had to tie up many loose ends and bring some work with me for the evenings. i have one day to frame my prints and finish up on tags when I get home.


We arrived on New Life island at 10am and I was unpacked and settled by 10:30. I went outside with my camera to take a look around for a good spot to begin painting. It was supposed to thunderstorm, today, so I didn't know how much time I would have to paint. I also needed to be somewhat close to the apartment in case of a sudden downpour. So I found a good spot, however the scene wasn't one I should have started out with. It was a bit complex for a first painting.

I was set up and painting by 11:30.

Here is the progression of the painting.

Besides a lunch break and a few quick walks, I painted solid from 11:30 until 5pm. At that point, even though there was plenty of daylight still, my mind was mush, and I was concerned about ruining the painting.

The painting went well, although it isn't finished. I figure if I get out there early tomorrow before the sun comes up, I might have the same lighting I had all day today – that overcast lighting. If not, it’s supposed to be rainy later on this week and I can finish the painting then. So as it stands, I am behind on my goal of 5 paintings. Maybe it was silly to set that goal, but we shall see what the Lord allows me to do.

Things to be thankful for:

~ My first painting was not a bomb. It was a very encouraging start to the week.

~ I didn’t have to stop because of rain. It was supposed to thunderstorm today, and it only drizzled once, and gave me plenty of consistent light for the day.

~ I was fed the best chicken in the world for lunch - slowly cooked over an open grill for 2 hours. I had more for dinner.
~ I have a huge apartment to live in during my stay here. There are three bedrooms, a huge bathroom, a large kitchen, dining room, and a living room with a view of the Delaware River.

~ It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog from the island. Keep praying for me as I continue to paint.

~ Bec


Anonymous said...

Becky your first painting looks wonderful!!!!! I know you said it is not finished but it look sgreat so far. I wish you all the luck while you are up there....and hope it does not rain. Also wish you lots of luck to hit your goal of five!!!!

<3 Rachel

Finch said...

Looks Great!