Thursday, September 21, 2006

Day 3

Greetings from the Island,

My update will be short, tonight. I need to go to bed earlier than I have been, and still have many things to get done these last two evenings.

God has blessed greatly. I have never had so many paintings turn out in a row before – and in such a short amount of time. I am tired, but I’m not quite tired of painting. (right now, anyway.) If you asked me this morning when I got up I probably would have said I was tired of painting, but right now, I think I’m just plain tired.

I actually took a nap, today. I had put 3 hours of painting in by 10am, and I was cold and hungry. So I decided to have an early lunch (warm soup . . . ahh) read a little from one of my art magazines (The Hudson School Painters – landscape artists that recorded the American terrain, very interesting) and take a short nap before starting another painting. It was a difficult decision, but in the end I believe it was the right one. My mind was fresh for painting, and it had a good result.

Today was another beautiful sunny day - which caused me to wrestle with not using the wonderful lighting for a few hours today. While I’m here, I feel the need to use all the light I have – even if it is light outside 12 hours a day.

Here is a half finished painting (#4). If the sun is out one of these mornings, I will be able to finish it on location. 11x14 (7am-10am)

After a good meal and a rest, I painted some of the camp’s canoes. 11x14 (1pm-5pm.)

So, as it stands, I have 3 complete paintings and 2 incomplete. I have 2 days left to paint.
Thanks for looking – leave me some feedback, it’s a little lonely out here.
Good night